Our Impacts

Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development program educators work in partnership with county, state, federal and tribal governments, community organizations, volunteers, business and industry to help Wisconsin communities thrive. Our outreach programs, research and assistance involve people in educational experiences that teach them to apply the latest knowledge and technology to local issues and concerns.

Our programs are making a positive difference. Learn more about the work we’re doing for Wisconsin in the impact stories and reports that follow.

Helping ensure sustainable water resources

Wisconsin citizens depend on having an adequate supply of safe drinking water, as well as water resources to support the state’s tourism and industry. The Center for Watershed Science and Education, a partnership between UW-Extension and UW-Stevens Point, provides education and resources that make a difference by helping to ensure water resources meet the state’s […]

Connecting community resources for Wisconsin’s military veterans

America’s military veterans put their lives on the line to serve their country.  When their tour of service ends, they sometimes face physical and psychological challenges. UW-Extension educators in several Wisconsin counties are building community capacity to help provide veterans with the care and resources they need.

Helping Communities Create Meaningful Places

UW-Extension is providing Wisconsin’s small towns with a viable alternative to traditional planning that’s inspiring positive changes.  


UW-Extension Natural Resources Education Program WATER OUTREACH REPORT for 2016

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